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Do you want to shift the way you experience your body?

Do you relate to your wellness as an ongoing process?

Are you curious about expanding your self-care skills?

Life is life, you’re human... you are going to experience pain, aging, at times you’ll feel overwhelm and sometimes you’ll be sick.


How do you experience pain? How do you handle stress?

Can you feel “ok” even when you feel crappy? The way we experience our body/mind is a skill and a practice. It affects how we perceive ourselves and our life. It correlates to our well-being.  

Our work together will be developing your body awareness & promoting health.

How do you bring presence, embodiment, and acceptance into your body (and thus into your life)? Less pain and more comfort will be a result our work together yet it’s not the “goal”. 


My job is to use touch therapy and embodiment skills to support your process. 

My role is to create a safe container that facilitates healing & change. I offer present, holistic and skillful bodywork.

Certified in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy,  Ilan Lev Method, and Massage Therapy.

I combine these modalities with movement, mindfulness and embodiment tools.


To invite deep change and lasting effect,

I offer treatments in a series.

I work in a process-oriented approach, that means I don't offer one-off sessions. I'm interested in helping people feel deep and lasting shifts in the way they experience their bodies. I want to help build tools for embodiment and self-care. My experience is that these things can't happen in 1 or 2 sessions, they happen over time, in a process. Touch therapy is my specialty. We will also utilize verbal techniques and embodiment tools.


I understand that committing to several sessions without knowing me may feel risky or daunting. In this free in-person meeting (15-20 minutes), you will get a chance to meet me and get an introduction to how I work. 




​​Weekly sessions- if schedules permit


  • $90 for a single 60min session OR

  • $80/session when you buy a series of 4 sessions- Total of $320

What to Expect

The first sessions build a foundation for us to work from. We will get to know each other, develop a shared language and build a safe container to heal from. Through bodywork and embodiment practices, we will start to meet and shift those first layers of contractions and patterns in your body. 


In these sessions, you can start to feel subtle yet qualitative changes. We will work as a team to facilitate change and help you feel healthier, happier and more empowered.

What results can you expect? 

Series 1
Series 2



Sessions 5-8

Bi-weekly sessions (unless otherwise needed or desired)

What to Expect

These sessions will naturally address and unwind deeper patterns. Often, once the “loudest” ailments and patterns are met, there is a natural uncovering of the web that’s underneath them. You can expect to unearth and meet physical, emotional, and mental patterns and experience them in a different way.


We’ll measure and track with curiosity and acceptance what you are experiencing and support your process with daily body awareness practices. 

More benefits




Recommended once per month or as needed.

What to Expect

We’ll continue to work with what is chronic or acute and we’ll also meet, unravel “old” physiological and psychological patterns. Maintaining self-care as well as receiving ongoing support and care, I believe, is crucial for sustaining a high level of wellness. These sessions will help keep your (metaphorical) garden of health weeded and fertilized. They integrate the shifts experienced in our previous sessions and invite further deepening of healing and wellness.  ​

You can expect continual shifts and releases of deep physical, emotional and mental patterns. 

Series 3

Frequently asked questions like...


What results can you expect from your sessions?

You can expect to experience and sense subtle yet quantifiable changes.

We will use measurement tools to help us track shifts.


Suffering from chronic pain or illness? Symptoms may shift in duration, frequency and intensity. 


Suffering from anxiety, insomnia, stress or such? Experience fewer overwhelming responses to your environment, and feel more at ease and relaxed.


Physiological patterns in your muscles and bones may shift, for example, in your posture and muscle tension.


Being touched is an essential part of being human. Research shows that touch: “slows down heart rate, blood pressure and the release of cortisol, increases serotonin and the number of natural killer cells (the front-line of the immune system)."


Increase in your ability to track your “inner” sensations (called interoception) and feel more able to self-regulate. Studies show that having a strong interoception skills decrease the inflammatory response.


Over treatment sessions, you will continue to uncover and release deep somatic and mental patterns and ailments.

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