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a holistic body therapist

an explorer of movement, 

dance & embodiment

continually curious about what it means to inhabit my body and be mindful

attentive, empathetic, genuine


Like many people in the healing world, a big part of my journey to becoming a therapist was through my own healing process.

My personal healing story

When I started receiving Biodynamic Craniosacral (BCST), I had already been studying bodywork, mindfulness and movement. However, I was not aware of just how much tension I was holding in my body nor how deep the patterns and effects were.


I was suffering from TMJ and vertigo. I was struggling with anxiety and stress.

I was (and still am!) curious and investigating how I am and am not present with my body/mind... in all its glory and complexities. I was/am committed to my state of well-being.   


After only a few treatments, I not only felt a major shift in my conditions but also in my awareness of my patterns. I was delighted and relieved.  My husband, suffering from other ailments such as ADD, was also experiencing major shifts in his symptoms from BCST. That was it, I was also absolutely intrigued with the therapy and wanted to learn more. 


Since 2013, I've been through 2 different BCST courses, assisted for 2 yrs on certification courses, attended massage school, and finished an Israeli bodywork method- Ilan Lev.


Not only do I continue to build my skills so I can be a better practitioner, I do it for my own health and healing. I see it as an art, a practice and a way of life.

Healing Story

How we experience our body influences how we perceive our life. 

I can help you meet, witness, honor and release your body/mind patterns that cause you pain and suffering.

I can help you shift the way you experience your body to help bring more ease & comfort.

I can help you feel better in your body.



  • Licensed Massage Therapist Massachusetts

2017 Denver Integrative School of Massage

  • Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist 

2015 Body Intelligence

Studied for 3+ years in 2 different schools. Served as class assistant for foundation training for 2 years.

  • Certified Ilan Lev Method Practitioner

2014  Israel

As one of only 3 practitioners of this method in the USA, I’m well aware that basically no one knows what it is! In short, I fell in love with this method and it has greatly influenced my movement practice and treatments.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

2005 University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Mover. Dancer. Facilitator. 

Since 2002

Most significantly in 2012, Contact Improvisation became my heart hobby. It is a huge part of my life, community, spiritual and therapeutic practice. I host and co-host dance and movement workshops and events.


  • Meditation & Embodiment Enthusiast 

Since 2006

My meditation practice influenced, challenged, and supported me. The Vipassana tradition has been the most influential on me.

  • World Traveler & Expat

Since 2005 

Living and traveling abroad for 11+ years has greatly informed who I am and how I view the world- with awe, excitement and humbleness.

I trust in the wisdom of our bodies to heal, transform, integrate.

I believe in the healing power of touch & human connection.

I am passionate about helping others (and myself) feel good in their bodies!

I'd be honored to be part of your healing team.

I'd love to learn more about you.

Email or call to reach me.

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